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    The completion of this application by Applicant(s) (“Tenant”) and the acceptance of this application by Creditor (“Landlord”) creates no obligation of Landlord to approve the application or enter into a lease with Tenant. By completing this application, Applicant(s) do hereby give full consent to CR Operating Company, Inc., its agents or associates to have access and obtain information on its present and past history and any information relating to same. This application is to be used for the purpose of establishing Applicant’s current and past credit position and financial credibility and is for the use and review only by those owner(s) and representative(s) of the property Applicant is interested in leasing. A Credit Check Authorization Form is required, in addition to this application, if the prospective Tenant is an individual or if a Guarantor is coupled with proposed lease. At the time of completion of this application, a Credit Check Authorization is _____ or is not _____ required. Landlord reserves the, right after reviewing the initial application, to later require the completion of a Credit Check Authorization Form if a Guarantor becomes a requirement of the lease. The confidentiality of the information being furnished by Applicant will be preserved except where disclosure of this information is required by applicable law or for the purposes of evaluating this proposed transaction.
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    I/We the undersigned hereby authorize CR Operating Company, Inc., and/or any of its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, employees or designees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “CR Operating”), to make any credit inquiries that CR Operating may deem necessary in connection with my/our lease application. This authorization also applies to inquiries regarding employment history, bank accounts, and follow-up credit inquiries/checks that CR Operating may deem necessary now or in the future, in connection with the tenancy contemplated.
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